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"I really enjoyed this experience. Kevin is a true professional and did a great job explaining my
results.  I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and which
environment will make them excel.  I will use what I learned in all my professional and personal
relationships. Thanks again!"

- W.C., Albany, NY

"There were many factors I found beneficial in my sessions with Kevin. However, the most
beneficial thing I learned was how deep of a thinker I was and how it directly affected my mood. 
I was taught ways to control the thought before it spiraled into an unhealthy thought and feeling.
I also truly enjoyed learning about who I was and why. Now that my sessions have ended, I have
used all that I was taught and applied it to my life. I am much more understanding of myself and
plan to use this to my advantage in all that life has left in store for me!"


- K.K., Northville, NY

Stress, anxiety, fear. Things that were a daily part of life for me. I was unsure why, or where
to start other than to just keep praying for answers. By God’s grace, I was introduced to this
program and began meeting regularly with Kevin to discuss the results of my temperament
profile. For the first time, I was able to better understand the personal needs I had, and how
to start meeting those needs in a Godly way. Kevin helped me work through the intrapersonal conflict I had, often wondering why I felt so different or weird for acting, feeling,
and wanting certain things. I started to accept what Kevin had reminded me that “God wasn’t
having a bad day when he made [me].” We discussed my unique temperament traits and
how they affected my daily life and relationships. I was then able to bring these concepts
home to my husband and we begin working on things together. I am so grateful for this
opportunity as it has helped me strengthen my relationship with my husband, myself, and
most importantly, God. In working with Kevin I have come to accept things that I ultimately
knew about myself, but didn’t quite understand, or know how to utilize. As a result, I have
begun to put my needs first, as the basis for change and how I manage all of my
commitments without feeling guilty.  I am grateful to report that as a result - I feel much less
anxiety and stress in my day to day life. Although fear is something I am still working on, I
now have a plan to manage those feelings, and often can work through them and eventually
give it to God and find peace. Thank you, Kevin, for your time, professionalism, and
knowledge to help me love, understand and become the best and most fulfilled version of

- A.C., Latham, NY

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