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Individual Counseling: Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental and emotional issue people are dealing with today.

Anxiety is a normal response to perceived or real threats from your environment. In fact, a certain amount of anxiety is good. Science has shown that moderate levels of anxiety can help you perform better. In this state, you are motivated to prepare and focus whether you’re giving a presentation, playing a sport, parenting, or navigating a relationship. With too little anxiety, you have no motivation to keep up with the responsibilities around you. However, today many people are struggling with the opposite problem -  too much anxiety. 

If you are struggling with anxiety, you may be experiencing intense, excessive, and persistent worry or fear about everyday issues. It may be concerns about money, your health, the health of a loved one, your job, or a relationship. When you are feeling anxious, you may experience a fast heart rate, rapid shallow breathing and/or shortness of breath, sweating, and feeling tired. Often activities and situations associated with anxious feelings are avoided, making it difficult to participate in activities of daily living. Within the safe and empathic setting of individual counseling, you will be able to explore the life circumstances creating your anxious feelings.

We specialize in reducing anxious feelings and their negative effectives. By exploring beliefs, feelings, and behaviors, we work with you to created strategies to help you minimize or eliminate anxious feelings. We can help you think more clearly, experience more positive emotions, and to re-engage in pleasurable activities while creating a closer relationship with God.

R.A., Female, age 37

“As a Christian who has had therapy prior, I am thankful for the professionalism and empathy.  The fact that he ties in religion with everyday thinking is monumental for me, and I am better for it.” 
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