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Individual Counseling: 
Depressed Mood/Grief

There is no single cause that depresses mood or creates sadness. It can occur for a variety of reasons and it has many different triggers.

Life is full of situations that make us sad. The death of a loved one, loss of a job, the ending of a relationship, family struggles, and health challenges are difficult experiences to process. If  you are experiencing these or similar circumstances, you may identify yourself as “depressed.” 

The sense of loss that accompanies these situations usually involves intense sadness and withdrawal from activities that you once found enjoyable. You may also experience changes in appetite, difficulty sleeping, loss of energy, trouble concentrating, and increased agitation or irritability. 

We collect some diagnostic information to allow us to identify the severity of your symptoms. Each person seeking counseling for depressed mood presents with unique circumstances. Most of the difficulties we face in life and in our relationships are the result of how we choose to think and how we act. We can help you process your sense of loss and sadness by exploring your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors in a compassionate way. The truth of God’s Word is applied to your circumstances and temperament leading you to improve your mood, change your outlook, and help you rediscover a joy for living. Because your wellbeing and safety are primary concerns, a referral to a licensed health care provider will be made if the diagnostic information indicates that our services are not appropriate for your situation.

N.N., Male, age 36

"Kevin has been an integral part of getting my mental health back on track.  Admitting I needed help was not easy, but Kevin’s Christ-centered approach always makes me feel cared for and comfortable to talk about my problems. Not only do I see the benefits of counseling with Kevin, but my family does as well.”
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