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Couples who attend counseling after they are married report increased satisfaction, communication skills, and less negative conflict.
(Hicks et al., 2004).

For most married couples, the easiest day of their marriage is the day they said, “I do.” Keeping and living in the spirit of your wedding day is not always easy. Everyday challenges can cause couples to drift apart, develop bad communication patterns, get stuck in dysfunctional routines, and create feelings of misunderstanding and resentment. We act as a third party to objectively listen to both of you. We can facilitate productive communication and improve your conflict resolution skills. We can help you reestablish the intimacy you experienced when you first met. 

Sometimes, the challenges of marriage result in actions by either spouse that are devastating. The worst of which is infidelity. We have helped couples work through the betrayal of an extra-marital affair. Although the process is not easy, with genuine repentance, hard work and God’s grace, healing and restoration are possible. We specialize in partnering with you and God to help save marriages that seem hopeless.

R.S, Male, age 57 and K.S., Female, age 37

"Finding Kevin has been a huge blessing. Severe anxiety set in about a year ago and we couldn't get a call back from any counselor/therapist or they had no openings. Kevin was recommended by a church member and we couldn't be more pleased. Kevin used biblical principles as well as practical steps/practices that we could implement. He gave us so many that we have been able to find what works best to combat this. We are so grateful for God's timing and blessing with Kevin!"
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